Salix is available in several editions, each built around and focused on a different Desktop Environment or Window Manager. In this page, you can find iso images for MATE, Xfce, Fluxbox, Openbox, KDE and Ratpoison editions of Salix.

Older releases are available through the Salix project page at Sourceforge.

If instead of the iso images, you are looking for the packages that are included in the Salix repositories, you can download them through one of our repository mirrors. The state of these mirrors can be seen in our mirror monitor page.

Live images are clearly marked as SalixLive in this list. All other iso images are not Live images. They boot into the standard Salix installer, which is a text-mode dialog-based installer.

Salix Mate 14.1 DVD ISO (i686, 32-bit)

(size: 739 MB, md5: 1b9d403403f5e5730eb55dabb7800fa0)

Salix64 Mate 14.1 DVD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 754 MB, md5: 8b5a20bb7382bb2362ffff978849aa50)

Salix Xfce 14.1 CD ISO (i686, 32-bit)

(size: 697 MB, md5: c3e9469b4bd329838385255d8735191c)

Salix64 Xfce 14.1 DVD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 713 MB, md5: fcb3509ff1fe4d27395b71ebe0801e74)

If you want to transfer the iso to a USB stick, make sure you read the instructions in this README.

SalixLive Xfce 14.1 DVD ISO (i686, 32-bit)

(size: 746 MB, md5: 331e55d6d17d22e77703ca9b2f287b42)

If you want to transfer the iso to a USB stick, make sure you read the instructions in this README.

SalixLive64 Xfce 14.1 DVD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 790 MB, md5: 1a6f5e8c37728f58b6770b41fd95d1bf)

Salix Fluxbox 14.1 CD ISO (i486 & i686, 32-bit)

(size: 671 MB, md5: f2b1969b952f6f46a5f542426f0c397f)

Salix64 Fluxbox 14.1 CD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 613 MB, md5: 021b9accb0d009fbbd6e03e1ecb4d539)

Salix Openbox 14.1 CD ISO (i486 & i686, 32-bit)

(size: 683 MB, md5: 86cd754c2366a5ecec0cac63236fb164)

Salix64 Openbox 14.1 CD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 625 MB, md5: 394240f3e00c8501e03f8878883b253b)

Salix KDE 14.0.1 DVD ISO (i686, 32-bit)

(size: 931 MB, md5: b3b0bad2345b4cb3de355a961da0b37e)

Salix64 KDE 14.0.1 DVD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 933 MB, md5: 5c480dc99abb77d46ac244fc27d544a2)

Salix Ratpoison 14.0.1 CD ISO (i486 & i686, 32-bit)

(size: 535 MB, md5: 336bde2de5e763f51ba55ace51c6ec75)

Salix64 Ratpoison 14.0.1 CD ISO (x86_64, 64-bit)

(size: 476 MB, md5: 5cc194b3064635c195e8dd74b7321c69)